Monday, May 20, 2013

If You Don't Believe in UFOs? Watch This!


  1. What's the deal with our government? More of us would be better, than less of us. Was the caller implying that our government is going along with these aliens, to eliminate most of us? What is coming? This man on the phone sounded like her was under horrible distress.

  2. Why would more be better?

  3. just a theory:

    check out the Drake Equation of ET life to better understand this this.

    the mayans, Egyptians and other cultures all have the use of pyramids and all prayed to aliens right? they all believed in God's but also that gods were aliens. maybe 2000 years ago or longer the aliens came and helped out. now, different races of aliens are here and the ufos we see are just "scouts" for the mothership. what military sends a fleet of soldiers in without first sending a scout. I saw the blue swirly one in a dream once before i saw this video. and it was scary as fuck.

    the different styles of ufos are different species and they are fighting for planet earth. or maybe they are checking it.out and realize intellegent life is ready inhabiting this planet and they are so nice they move to the next solar system?

    1. I donno im just trying to stir the pot lol


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