Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Donate Your Car To A Good Cause

Have you got an old car that is just lying around? 

Well you should know that you could be donating your car to a good cause. This is a fantastic way to raise money. So many Americans have old cars sat around collecting dust that really don't do anyone any good! So... We are going to make a short list of places that you can donate your car to.

If you live in the UK you can try  "giveacar"

Donate your car in California to Kars4kids and they offer a free vacation voucher and tax deduction with your car donation

"donatecarusa" Claims to be fast and easy to give your used car to charity across the USA
 Donors receive the maximum 2013 tax deduction.

So it's great - you can help someone else less fortunate and get a tax rebate.
There are actually too many of these companies to list. But we just thought we would raise a few of them with you so this summer if things are changing you can maybe help someone out :)

Apple, Facebook and Twitter have all been hacked.

There are probably a lot more to come. Many large companies have been hacked in recent weeks, it seems that many of them have one thing in common. Reports say that many of them have visited a compromised web site that relates to information on mobile development.
The site  is called iPhonedevSdk: DO NOT VISIT!
So who is next? Ebay? Insurance companies? Compare the market type websites? We are giving out our information everywhere these days and hacking is at an all time high. Are you protected?

Anyone need some app developers?

haha jk

North Korea threatens South with "final destruction"

Reuters has reported that North Korea threatened South Korea with a quote "final destruction" during a debate at the United Nations Conference on Disarmament today.  

We bring you the news you should be following! 

Be informed. Stay safe.

Here is a link if you want to read more:


A Texas jury has convicted two women of kidnapping a boy when he was 8 months old and hiding him for eight years

We love good news! 

If you want to read more about this story:

Special K "Red Berries" recalled for possible glass fragments

Special K - Recall

Did you munch into a bowl of this only to find that you just broke some teeth or even worse had something really hard and sharp slide down your throat? Well it kinda happens when you get too big to monitor things properly. Just another reason to shop and buy local.
To find out exactly what boxes - use this website if you like - but if you don't eat this stuff then dont worry about it. No problem. 

House Leveled - 2 people hurt in Bismarck

Some mad winter storms - This last one yesterday just leveled this house! Let's hope this year the weather isn't as scary as last year! We are still building and rebuilding from Sandy. Or perhaps we need to start building our houses out of stronger material! ?

The man with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren

This is Extra Whacky! The guy has 39 wives - 94 Children and 33 Grandchildren. - Worlds biggest family?


This man and his family live in a 100 room mansion!

They say it takes 30 chickens to feed the whole family!

Super whacky!

condoms. I said it. happy? Obviously this man dont have time for them.

BREAKING NEWS: Several Dead in California Shooting Spree

BREAKING NEWS: California Shooting Spree - 

Not another one! :(
This happened around 5:30 am to 6 am

UPDATE: Reports say 4 dead*
ABC - NEWS - have covered this story but no video. That is what this link is below. can you see it? Orange County shooting spree? It would seem many can not see this. They are calling this fake. They have been drinking the coolaid.

here is the video that the link above doesnt have:

The Story of Your Enslavement

The story of your enslavement. - A quick history lesson from the minds of the conscious revolution. There really is no point sharing this to the masses. Those that are awake no video is needed to awake us further and to those that are asleep - no video will wake them up. It's a very strange whacky world indeed. It's time we stop buying and consuming and obeying and working and slaving and sitting and being quiet. Stand up - speak out - stop buying! if you do buy locally! stock up on food - seeds - NON GMO - non hybrid - Stop being a slave - Don't work to pay the bills - Live to love and love to live no matter the cost. This is 2013 and with future technology and information advancing at the speed of light there is no excuse to continue living life being someone else bitch! You must find out what you already are. That will change everything. You can't find this out straight away so don't get upset if you don't know. Sometimes you just need to know that you don't know so that you can start to think about knowing! You follow? So go think. Find yourself. Find our who you already are and start loving life. Things are changing. Change with the times. Or wish you did.

CARAL, the ancient city in Peru

Ancient city in Peru - CARAL - 2nd largest tourist attraction in Peru - But the interesting thing about these area is the major detail in these pyramids. - It's truly shocking to see thousands and thousands of years ago people used to be so much more highly advanced than us. I always think... Did they have access to "technology" and choose not to use it because they knew it would destroy the earth? Did they build everything out of stone because they knew the delicate balance of earth and resources? For such an ancient culture we can learn so much more from them than we can in school or even at work. Things need to change and it's about time we start looking to our history for answers.

A Higher Conscious Conversation

Are you suffering from a higher consciousness than your fellow man? That is ok. You're going to love this. Don't worry about the asleep. They awake in their own time. You however. Have work to do. Share. Get involved. Petition. Change. Lead. Make more leaders. Love.

ASTEROID 2012DA14 from SPAIN - 15 FEB 2013 22H

Scientists are still saying the Asteroid DA14 HAD NOTHING to do with the "meteorite" that crashed in Russia. This is just a massive coincidence. . . . .  And back to work we go.

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