Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ahmed Dogan Assassination Attempt. INCREDIBLE VIDEO - Bulgaria

McDonald's are bullying their way into the small town of Tecoma, Australia

McDonald's are bullying their way into the small town of Tecoma, Australia:

Respect Democracy Not Dollars
Glenn Stephenson Photography
Despite massive community objection (88.2%) Mcdonalds refuses to change it's plan to build. They have no interest in the locals, as they will be targeting the tourists who visit in their thousands every week to ride the iconic Puffing Billy steam train. Even if every local boycotted the store, there's a real chance it may still be profitable. After an unprecedented number of objections, unanimous Council refusal to grant a planning permit, McDonald’s went to an independent tribunal and, not surprisingly, won. How is this democratic?

 (8,200 signatures so far!)

The horror of Meth: A shocking look at drug use

These people are sick! They do not deserve to be in prison! Legalize all drugs and the money that would be saved could pay for their treatment and have tons left over for tax rebates on the public!!!

NASA | Has lasers that can send the Mona Lisa to the Moon

Using Lasers Nasa has sent detailed pixel information over 240,000 miles to the moon.

Future interplanetary contact. 

The future is bright! - 

Credits to NASA on video / photo.

Shocking Facts From 2008 - That will blow your mind!

This stuff is amazing!

Please help us update these stats if you know the current numbers.

Cop Conducts Shocking Cavity Search On Two Women 2012

2013 is the year the camera backfires on the watchers.

18 Human Heads found at O'Hare Airport Wrapped in Plastic.

What is terrorism?

The Taxi Driver

This Service Could Dismantle Copyright Forever

Kim Dotcom's Mega officially launches Today

Their terms and conditions protect them against future copyright issues.

A website to keep your eye on!

Good work Kim!

Check out the full from story from Gizmodo:

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