Sunday, February 17, 2013

Japan: Sea turtle Yu Chan swims with prosthetic fins.

We are loving future technology - This is the first turtle to have prosthetic fins.

Kickstarter DeathStar and X-wing Rebel funding!

Kickstarter Open Source Death Star -
1,829 backers £257,307 pledged of £20,000,000 goal 42 days to go!

This is quite funny really. They want 20 million to build a Death star and then there is another one to protect us from the death star. This is highly amusing!

Crowdfunding Rebel Alliance X-Wing Squadron
380 backers $348,624 pledged of $11,000,000 goal 42 days to go!

We just thought this was worthy of a share. Just goes to show that if your serious about something great things can happen. Perhaps... You could use this kickstarter to build some free energy machines! A few already have done it! Future technology will blow your mind! There are carbon nanotubes / nanotechnology applications for business etc that will transform medicine as we know it.

How to Remove Fluoride from Your Water!

Here are a few PRO TIPS on how to remove the fluoride from your water. NOTE* There is also another way which he doesn't mention in this video. And that is PETITION - PROTEST - DEMAND that the water need not to be filtered! STOP THE FLUORIDE being put in there in the first place! We already get enough of it in food and bottled drinks! Why must we have more more more!? Fluoride reduces IQ and calcifies your Pineal Gland. Be informed.

Comet ISON in 2013

Rihanna Naked In New Music Video

Protesters Outside LAPD

Protesters met in LA today to protest outside the police station. Christopher Dorner is the topic at hand and these people believe the was treated unfairly. To be honest - there is usually something called a trial. We just hope this fellow had life insurance. He was young and died to early that is for sure. But how do you feel?

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