Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why People Think Sandy Hook is A Hoax


English guy gets 4.4 million hits in 1 month on his video singing a punjab song! Spot on.

Walk off the Earth - Somebody That I Used to Know

5 people, one guitar, amazing voices. A beautiful cover. Better than the original!

Opera duo Charlotte & Jonathan

Uploaded 10 months ago, 29 million hits! Amazing opera duo

Dragon Baby

Uploaded november 2nd 2012, already over 25 million views!

Amazing Anamorphic Illusions!

20 million views! Anamorphic illusions! Jaw dropping. Inspiring.

Fruit Ninja in Real Life to Dubstep!

Uploaded dec 18 2012, already over 18 million hits! The real fruit ninjas! Dubstep

11 Month Old Twins Dancing to Daddy's Guitar

Inspiring! 14.4 million hits. Uploaded in August 2012. Music is powerful.

Sweet Brown - Original Report and Autotune Remix

I love this woman, she is awesome. Brave and loving. A viral remix.

The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge

13.2 million views. Amazing.

Please Move The Deer Crossing

3 months old and 11.6 million views. A new level of dumb.

A Frog Sitting on a Bench Like a Human

Some say that is an epic video of animal abuse. Did they use super glue? Or is this natural?

A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self

This is epic creativity!

Adorable Hamster gets Shot and pretends to die!

Cat sitting relaxed 9.1 Million views

Make It Count - 8.2 million views

The Tron Dance - Wrecking Orchestra

8 million views on youtube. A wonderful performance.

Meet Porter. The World's First Driving Dog.

The worlds first driving dog! WHAT?!

The moment a pig rescued baby goat

Never Give Up in Life - A Truly Inspirational Video

If this video doesn't inspire you or make you cry. Something is wrong with you and you need to watch it again and again until you find the love and hope you need to change. You can do anything. Just keep trying. Never give up.

Powerful Inspirational true story...Don't give up!

Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!

Never give up, never quit, never admit defeat.

Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (feat. Eminem)

This is the funniest most clever video ever. Hilarious to the max. 10 stars.

Flying like a bird | Next Level Epicness

Wow, this guy just lived my dream.

The Man That Sneezed Head Off

Officially the cutest video ever.

This plane will blow your mind.

The Screaming Sheep

Hilarious screaming sheep. Why? Why not?

The Awkward Elevator

Technology is getting pretty smart. Smart enough to fool our senses.

The Original Grumpy Cat

This is the original grumpy cat from all those silly memes. Lol!

Two men + two Tesla coils = ELECTRICITY FIGHT!

Wow. Speechless. Mind = Blown!

I AM NOT MOVING - Short Film - Occupy Wall Street

This is one of our favorite short films of all time. Epic.

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