Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Marijuana History Lesson (Why it became illegal)

A quick history lesson found on The Global Illumination Council.

Handmade Solar - October 2012 - Affordable Solar for Developing Countries

Handmade Solar PV for Developing Countries

How To Make A Solar Panel

This was sent to us from a visitor of our page! We hope you like it!

Thousands protest in Pakistan

Revolution News will most likely be covering this story:

Tens of thousands gather to protest in Pakistan. The crowds we reported to be chanting: ."The corrupt status quo must go. Not allowed," said Qadri. "The status quo must go, the status quo must go. Go."  
Read more here:

Petitions signatures quadruples to 100,000 needed

"Beginning today, petitions filed on's We the People platform will need to log 100,000 signatures in 30 days to receive an official response from the Obama Administration, quadrupling the previous minimum of 25,000."

This is bad news, but it's some what understandable, given that some people messed it up by asking for stupid things like a "death star". But, goodluck. We are many, we can handle 100,000 no problem. Pull up your socks ladies and gentlemen. It's time to get involved.


The Awakening - By Max Igan - (Full Length)

From the Legendary Max Igan!

8 MIN - Jacque Fresco on Science, Politics, Corruption, Religion, Money,

Jacque Fresco shares his views on science, politics, corruption and more..

Do you share his views? Many have a problem with him recently. We don't. He, unlike so many, looks for solutions instead of just complaining or giving up like most people. Much deserved respect to this man.

Around 1,000 cats were saved from Chinese dining tables after truck crash

Around 1,000 cats were saved from Chinese dining tables after being discovered in cramped cages when a  truck crashed.

"The cats were destined for the restaurants of Guangdong until the road accident in Changsha, Hunan province delayed the journey by 24 hours and enabled the 50 locals to rescue them" -

Tesco caught selling horse meat in their burgers!

Horse meat has been found in the burgers on sale in Tesco.

The Tesco Group Technical Director Tim Smith says: (see video)

Basically like all major mess ups some how, the people in charge are not to blame. Wow, ya, so.... how many tesco burgers have you eaten recently? Actually horse meat is a lot more healthy for you and is legal to buy and eat in France. But not the UK, many people are outraged, we expect lawsuits. We predict the closing of all tesco stores. This should be the straw that broke the camels back ladies and gentlemen of the UK. These guys are like mcdonalds slowly trying to take over every street corner and rob the local business of trade. Although many protests and petitions are put together they always manage to grease the palm of some local official or above and get what they want. Globalism is great, but there is a limit and greed is unexceptable in these days.

Tesco beef burgers found to contain 29% horse meat (photo)

BREAKING NEWS: Deadly helicopter crash in Vauxhall, London. VIDEO. RT

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