Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Volkans' One Man Party

German authorities are investigating how a man was able to spend four hours having a one man party in his underpants on a military jet used by Government Officials.

We can't find a video for this story but most of our imaginations are so vivid that this is easy to imagine.

The 24-year-old entered the cockpit, pushed buttons randomly, deployed an emergency slide, and sprayed a fire extinguisher over the plush interior.

Police tried and failed to persuade the man to leave with a megaphone.

They found a bag with his identity documents and, allegedly*, ecstasy and marijuana near the aircraft.

The incident, at Cologne airport on 25 July, was brought to a close by a police dog biting the man in the leg.

The suspect, named only as "Volkan T", has been taken to a psychiatric institution.

He is reportedly a German bodybuilder of Turkish descent who was not previously known to police.

All hail Volkan. ;)

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