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eco affiliate programs
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Eco-Friendly Bags - These can save a lot of marine wildlife -
If you don't think so - look up the great pacific garbage patch: -


Eco Lunchbox! 100% non toxic stainless steal boxes for your food.
Recently a lot of studies have shown that certain plastics can indeed poison your foods.

eco lunch boxes

The only supplier of organic certified flower bulbs in the US

If your a gardener or a person of the land you may be aware of the common standards of practice these days. 
certified organic flower bulbs

Immune Pro: Organic compounds to help increase your immunity -
We have not actually tried this but they do come highly recommended.

Immune Pro from Essona Organics

GlassMatStore offers glass mats which are made with 50% recycled glass
Just another way to recycle glass and make some art!
recylced glass office chair mats

Green Batteries is a great way to use and dispose of old batteries in a safe and ethical manor.

order rechargeable batteries

Wind power is an absolute must these days!
Spain right now is using wind power as it's number 1 energy supply.
The future is now!

wind turbine power kits and components

Feeling Sluggish? Check out some organic detox - The colorado cleanse -
If you live la vida loca you might want to think about detox.
the colorado cleanse

Napa soap is a small company using local products to make organic ethical trade in the name of soap!
Supporting small business and being part of the local community is key these days!

Organic Beauty Now - Ethical products for home and baby!
Stop using unethical mainstream beauty products! You can take care of yourself and your family without endorsing animal experimentation.

organic beauty products

Solar Attic Fans! - Save money on electric bills and get tax rebates!
These are a great little addition to the home. Any sustainable - renewable energy adaptation to the home or business is always a great idea. Especially with bills going through the roof!

Solar Royal Solar Attic Fan Ventilation

The Organic Wine Company! If you're going to buy... buy local - buy organic
We don't really like drinking - but some of you do - 
Some doctors even say that a glass of wine a day helps keep you more healthy. If thats your thing you might want to check these guys out! or learn to make it yourself! its fun!

Then there are these guys... Vitamin Code - Multivitamins that are
uncooked - unadulterated - untreated - dairy free - no fillers - gluten-free - no binders - and suitable for vegans.
vegan whole food vitamins

VeggiDate! I know what your thinking! but we still think this is great!



  1. I would LOVE for us to be featured on your site... we're 100% ethical, sustainable and beautiful - Roundhouses by Rotunda. Our site is :)

  2. re: eco-friendly, ethical business
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