Saturday, February 2, 2013

The magic of art (2 min video)

The man that shot himself in the face on meth

Kids, don't do drugs mmmkay, especially meth.

Claudia Mitchell has first Bionic Arm controlled by her mind

Claudia Mitchell - first woman to have a bionic arm - a prosthetic limb that she controls with her mind.

Watch her video:

Samer Issawi has been hunger striking for 193 days


Samer Issawi, a Palestinian detainee in the Israeli prisons arrested in July 2012 with no charge, and kept until this very moment with no trial, needs your help.Samer has started a hunger strike on 01.08.2012 as a form of peaceful protest against violating his human rights in every possible way. Until today, nothing was done to help him thanks to the Zionist media who never delivers the truth to the masses.It's been 184 days now since the detaine had his last meal. He's lost the ability to stand up and see. He suffers from severe pains in all his body parts, especially his head, kidney and ribs that were broken by his violent prison keeper.Samer's family wasn't allowed to send its son winter clothes, though his cell is absolutely cold. His parents worry they'd lose their second son with the same inhuman hands that have ended their first's life. Samer is only 33.Samer Issawi needs your help spread his story and walk the streets protesting against taking away innocents' freedom, treating humans without humanity in Israeli prisons.This man represents thousands of Palestinians behind bars with no charges, and hundreds who died there under those severe conditions.Please share this!

From: Anan Sereya - Update

This Choice Will Blow Your Mind

You have the ability to change the future.

Whatever you choose to do today or create will open infinite doors in the future. Will you have just a normal day today or will your create a path that will pave a new future?

This choice will blow your mind.

10 Of The Most Racist Moments on TV

10 Of The Most Racist Moments on TV - I thought we were past all this. Some people can't let it go. I love the Hillary bit, Can't believe she said that.

Miss Teen South Carolina Answers A Simple Question

What? Hold on what? This needs subtitles. This is awesome. LoL? What was the question?

A 1/5th of Americans Can't locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think that is?

Her answer: "I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because uh some people out there in our nation dont have maps and i believe that our education like such as south africa and the iraq everywhere like such as, and i believe that they should our education over here in the US should help the US or should help south africa and should help the iraq and asian countries so we can be able to build up our future for our kids."

Carl Sagan - "A Glorious Dawn" feat. Stephen Hawking

Carl Segan Feat. Stephen Hawking, ya that's right, they are making music now. And it's awesome. Haha obviously not, but its overly amazing that people can make sure beautiful music from old audio clips. Very impressed.

Symphony of Science - 'We Are All Connected'

We have a new love! The Symphony of Science! The most educational music on the planet! We are all connected!

Symphony of Science - the Quantum World!

Why don't we learn like this in school!

Ode to the Brain! by Symphony of Science

Bill Hicks + George Carlin: The Big Electron

If you like Bill Hicks or George Carlin, you should love this!

TRUMP: Obama is a fraud and BIN LADEN DEATH a SCAM!

A new found respect for Donald Trump.

Nazi Style Check Point Inside the USA,

Know your rights.

cop gets owned guy makes him look stupid

Pay Your Tax or we Take Your Children

Oh I do love England!

How to deal with bailiffs !

How to Refuse Police Searches

How To invoke your rights with The Police

5 Police Officers vs A law knowing Citizen


Knowledge is power, especially knowing the law

Freeman Interview 1/4 MUST SEE!!

Banks Know About Your Strawman (Here's Some Proof)

Some insight into using your strawman and acting as an agent for it.

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