Friday, May 24, 2013

Tupac's Ashes Smoked By His Hip-Hop Group - Outlawz

When Tupac Shakur was cremated following his 1996 death, his ashes weren’t kept in an urn on someone’s mantle.The rapper’s former group, The Young Outlawz, claim that they smoked Shakur’s ashes because that was his wishes, based on the lyrics of one of his songs.

Human 'Hobbit' Went Extinct 12,000 Years Ago

The Magic of Moonbows

To see a lunar rainbow or ‘Moonbow’, the moon must not only be full, it also has to be less than 42 degrees in the sky, within 2 to 3 hours before sunrise, and of course, there must be rain falling exactly opposite the moon at that precise moment.

“Three generations of punishment” sentence in North Korea.

Full Extended movie here :

Welcome to Molossia -The Micronation

The Secret Language of Twins

Twins who were believed neglected by their parents and believed to be retarded, invented their own complex language to communicate with each other.

The Human Soul Weighs 21 grams

In 1901 a doctor named Duncan MacDougall tried to prove the existence of the human soul. To do so he measured the weight of a person at the moment of death. He had 6 patients all of which experienced weight loss with the average loss of weight being 21 grams.

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