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Ian Jacklin On “I Cure Cancer” His Holistic Film And How It All Started

My name is Ian Jacklin and I’m a filmmaker. I am currently trying to finish, “I Cure Cancer Part 2″ (a working title), which is the sequel to the movie, “I Cure Cancer,” which is available at These films show how people are curing their supposedly incurable cancers by using holistic and Alternative Medicine. I’ve been told by many of my peers that I must also start blogging to get this information out immediately, rather than waiting until I have the final cut of the sequel, including going through the distribution process, etc.

So… here is my first blog.

Approximately 14 years ago, I was an actor living in Hollywood, CA, starring in the odd martial arts flick, or doing an episode of, “Just Shoot Me,” or working on the soap opera, “Days Of Our Lives.” During a rehearsal for a play, called, “Spoiled Women,” I overheard one of the actresses say these fateful words, which would change my life—”I just found out I cured myself of cancer!”
I was outside with some other actors on a smoke-break. As usual when hanging out with actors everyone was trying to one-up each other and be the center of attention. Personally, I was only in acting at the time, because I figured it was a fun way to make money, and I thought if I became famous I could use my status to help better the world… So I just kept to myself and watched the clowns fight for the center stage… However, behind me, I heard something about someone curing themselves of cancer. I turned around. It was J. Cynthia Brooks, this beautiful blonde actress I knew. I had always had a major crush on her. I said to her, “What do you mean you cured yourself of cancer? You can’t cure cancer! No one can. The war on cancer hasn’t been won yet or we would all know about it.” Well—long story short— she had been diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer, eight months prior, and given a year to live— providing she got chemo, radiation, and surgery. Now, this was back when Alternative Medicine was in its infancy (here in California), but Cynthia informed me she had heard tidbits about Alternative Medicine. She was also heavily in to meditation and fully understood the power of the mind.

Back then in the late 90’s, Cynthia knew all about what people today are speaking about in movies like, “What The Bleep Do We Know?,” and, “The Secret.” In essence, she was and is a very-evolved woman. So, she created her own cancer healing team with a nutritionist, chiropractor, blood-work scientist, and of course her Reverend at the meditation school. And they unknowingly came up with what would eventually become a common approach to treating cancer, naturally! The regimen was basically juicing, all day long… No sugar at all, just anti-cancer veggies, millet, and many supplements – enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, etc., and… a Rife Machine.

The Rife Machine was invented by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife in the 1920′s and was curing cancer among most other diseases by using frequencies to destroy bad cells, while leaving the healthy cells alone. This cure was suppressed by the powers that be (TPTB), because Big Pharma was just starting to get a good grip on the monopoly that they were trying to implement on the medical business. By the way, a Rife Machine can still be purchased on the Internet, to this day.

So, back to Cynthia… Well, I was fortunate enough to end up connecting with her for awhile, so I learned all about her journey and how she cured herself of cancer. We eventually followed our own paths; yet, we remain good friends, and collaborate on the latest happenings in the health and spiritual realm. Having learned what I did when she and I were together, I had to find out if others were going with the Alternative Medicine approach— which they were.

I went to the Internet and started reading about how others had gone to something called, “Gerson Therapy,” and had actually cured their various cancers. Gerson Therapy was invented by Dr. Max Gerson in the early 1900′s, whereby becoming a total vegan and juicing and consuming large amounts of vegetables per day would cure virtually all disease. This was eventually suppressed by the government due to the fact that it worked and was cutting in on Big Pharma’s monopoly on the medical business profits. Gerson Clinic is currently still going strong in Mexico, where they don’t have to worry about the American Medical Association (AMA). I read the stories and then I decided to actually make contact with the people who were telling their stories, to put a voice to their stories, and eventually a camera to capture their eyes as they told me how they beat the supposedly incurable disease— cancer.

By 1999, I’d had enough of Tinsel Town and being a starving actor, so I moved to NYC to become a filmmaker. In the back of my mind I knew once I got the skills I needed to make my own films, that the film on the cancer cure was imminent. Thanks to the digital age being in full effect, anyone could afford a camera and home computer that could make a movie. No longer did you have to be rich to make a film! I powered through a couple of rockumentaries to learn the camera and how to edit. Then I knew it was time to start on the film I thought would change the world, “I Cure Cancer.”
It was now 2003, and I was at “The Cancer Control Society” in Los Angeles, CA, for the Labor Day Weekend annual event. It was there over the next several years, that I would be with my camera, and if I was lucky, a friend or two would help me tape as many stories as I could, interviewing doctors and patients that cured their cancers using Alternative Medicine. I must admit, deep down, that I had hoped to prove that Alternative Medicine was what “our leaders” were saying it was—”Quackery.”
I didn’t want to find out that “our leaders” were allowing scum like Big Pharma to murder and torture “we the people,” with their barbaric and unsuccessful Western Medical treatments.

I wasn’t successful in that quest, and I ended up arguably proving the exact opposite— beyond a shadow of a doubt! “Our leaders” have allowed “Big Pharma,” a corporate phenomenon, to take over our medical system. They control what our doctors are taught in the schools— how to use their PDR—Physicians’ Desk Reference—to push their drugs. End of story. Apparently, some doctors have only 3 hours of nutritional education in all their years in medical school. Anyone that has seen the documentary, “Food Matters,” knows that the only way to prevent / cure anything is by proper nutrition—except our dear doctors… They only know how to prescribe drugs to mask your symptoms and never do they address the actual problem.

At this time, I have no choice but as an honorable and decent human being to share this information the best way I know how with my brothers and sisters of this Earth, which is with my films, radio interviews, social media, and articles. Most of our medical system is run by Big Pharma, the world over, so Western Medicine is, “King,” right now. The unfortunate truth of the matter is, Western Medicine is really only good for car accidents and other Emergency Room traumas. Other than that, in my humble opinion, they don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. I caution you from going to them and taking their drugs and immunizations. These will only hurt you. Everyone should have a good Naturopathic doctor for health and longevity.

My landlords, who are in their 40′s, are from China. I asked them, since China is Communist and there is no capitalism, what kind of medical systems did they have? They said both. Western Medicine has been implemented, yes, but still many rely on the Ancient Chinese medicine because it works. I know my landlords rely on the Ancient Chinese medicine and cures because, since I’ve known them, they have never been sick—never. I rest my case. the documentary is available from that web address. Godspeed.

My latest radio show on Natural News, Robert Scott Bell show with Ty Bollinger.

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