Film / Documentaries

The greatest speech ever made by Charlie Chaplin:

GravityLight for developing countries:

This video will blow your mind MAN!

U.S. Marine speaks out on tyranical government:

Will Ferrel (where's my money) Funny

What the bleep do we know (documentary)

Will Smith on the Law of attraction:

The law of success:

Ancient Theology: (roman myth of christ invented to control humanity)

Zeitgeist 3: Moving Foward:

Zeitgeist 2: Addendum:

Zeitgeist 1:

Mitch Hedberg:

Jim Breuer - "alcohol"

Epic Win compilation 2013:

Dwarka - India - Ancient City

3d printers soon to be a house hold item:

Try not to laugh:

DCP on "how to lose friends"

I AM NOT MOVING (occupy wallstreet short film)

CIA Navy Seal Time Traveler?

Worlds most amazing humans 2011:

People are awesome:

100% fool proof way to stop TSA from stealing:

Epic win / fail 2012 compilation:

"when we grow" cannabis documentary:

DATA MINING the scary truth:

Weather Warfare (documentary):

The life of Bill Hicks:

Human Error triggers mud volcano:

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes:

Project blue beam? Spiral lights Norway:

Chemtrails exposed on discovery channel:

Nicola Tesla The Untold Story (documentary):

We will continue to fill this list as we post more film / documentaries :)


  1. Another excellent documentary is "The truth about your food with FOOD INC"

  2. How can you not have Thrive on this list?

  3. How can you not have Thrive on this list?

  4. The nuclear scare scam.
    Exposing nuclear reactions.
    Is it all a big con job by the oil baron elite's?
    Give these a watch and you decide!

  5. One more excellent documentary: Earthlings.


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