Thursday, February 7, 2013

Best Earth Footage (720p HD) Enigma - Gravity of Love

The Oneness - We Are All One!

Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda

Holy shit.

Real Aliens Caught on tape Best Evidence

Well - who knows - freaky stuff. So here you go. Weird or what?

Magic Promises - A touching video from father to children

This is so awesome we had to share. A man sent us this video this morning and it was so lovely and inspiring we had to share ! we hope this inspires you.

Brzezinski: "It's easier to kill a million people than to control a million people"

Federal Reserve hacked by Anonymous During Superbowl

Reports say over 4000 bankers details were stolen. Anonymous is really going deep. Hopefully some change will be near!

Martin Luther King's Last Speech

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