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Legalize Cannabis UK 

Currently 826 (Jan 18th 2013) Lets change that!

Here are a few from America:
FYI: America now needs 100,000 signatures before its taken serious.

Remove United States District Attorney Carmen Ortiz from office for overreach in the case of Aaron Swartz.

And here is an amazing one that doesnt even need anymore signatures! 
Faith in humanity RESTORED!

Legally recognize Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group

324,535 signatures!

Investigate the IRS Tax-Exempt Status of the Westboro Baptist Church


only 40,000 more needed!

Support mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods (GMOs).

Allow Any American To Voluntarily Opt Out Of "ObamaCare".

Require all Genetically Modified Foods to be labeled as such.

Make the Metric system the standard in the United States, instead of the Imperial system.



  2. My petition to require baby changing stations in public restrooms -

  3. Ban testing party pills on dogs:

    Hectors & Maui's Dolphins Extinction:

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