Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Forbidden Cures - Banned In America

 Cancer: the Forbidden Cures - Full Documentary 

Banned In America

Why would they want this video banned in America?? 

"Cancer : The Forbidden Cures": Discover many effective and highly successful forms of cancer treatment that have been suppressed and discredited for time by the FDA. Some say that the FDA may have killed more people than Hitler.

In the last 100 years dozens of doctors, scientists and researchers have come up with the most diverse, apparently effective solutions against cancer, but none of these was ever taken into serious consideration by official medicine.

More than 20,000 people die of cancer every day, without official medicine being able to offer a true sense of hope to those affected by it. Well... at least until now. If you search our website(http://www.naturalcuresnotmedicine.com) or view the "cancer" tab up at the top of our website you will find many of these suppressed cures. Don't sit around waiting for a solution to be televised! Get online - check out some of the reports around the world. There is hope.


  1. My Aunt is fighting Cancer for the second time, she has the heart of an angel and the determination of a Lion..

  2. Nice idea, but I hate the fact this supports the slaughter of sharks for human cancer treatment. If you can't treat it without causing extinctions of other animals, you don't deserve to be treated.

    1. Survival of the fittest babayyy!

    2. That's kinda sorry to say. You must have never felt the lose or sorrow of a loved one having cancer, but for the ones who have I think a shark dying to save a human life is very much worth it like the other says survival of the fittest. Plus a human life is worth more then a shark.

    3. Only someone not worth saving would make a statement like that. If it was survival of the fittest humans would have died out a long time ago. Trading one life for another is not right or fair. Before you open your mouths: yes i have lost family and friends to cancer so i know what i speak of.

    4. Only someone not worth saving would make a statement like that. If it was survival of the fittest humans would have died out a long time ago. Trading one life for another is not right or fair. Before you open your mouths: yes i have lost family and friends to cancer so i know what i speak of.

    5. Hell yeah DJ Spilman, my sentiment exactly. So many people nowadays not only condoning but CELEBRATING Speciesism. What makes you better? Really?!? "You must have never felt the lose or sorrow of a loved one having cancer, but for the ones who have I think a shark dying to save a human life is very much worth it" what a crock of shit. You obviously have never been a shark that was slaughtered to save some humans life. You think sharks don't have families? They don't die of illness? People are so blind it infuriates me! I wouldn't ask for one single animal to die to save me. Ever.

    6. DJ SPILMAN: What gives you the right to say that "only someone not worth saving would make a statement like that"?
      Nothing, you don't have the right to say shit. You DON'T know this person, or what they are going through.
      And I have had people that have died in my family and suffered from cancer, but a life for a life is not the answer. It is still WRONG!
      Why you would think taking another living things life would be fair or justified, boggles my mind of your stupidity on how you think of things that have families and lives just as we do. They still get sick, they have familes and lives too. You think just because they don't talk or live a human life that your pathetic life is any better then a Shark? No you are nothing in comparison.

      Get your shit straight before you go and talk shit to someone. You don't know them, so don't act like you do.

    7. all forms of life are sacred, killing one to save another isn't right or fair. Cancer can be treated with eating plants not animals, intact it is often the eating of animals that have been feed noxious chemicals that causes cancers.

      Research on other living beings is inhumane and evil.

    8. @Dementis Silenti: You are a fucking douchebag. When someone you love gets cancer and you want to treat them, call me. I'll make sure that person never sees any kind of treatment and that that person dies in your arms. Then I will proceed to call you and tell you that the person who just died in your arms didn't deserve to be treated and it's too fucking bad, but the sharks are ok!

      Fucking moron.


    1. Yes I'm so glad people are becoming aware!!

  4. I would rather have natural cures, including animal use, rather than killer chemicals... so I'm the bad person. Read your history people!

  5. Cured mine with apple seeds...

    1. hello Gloria, how did you do it?? just eating the seeds..?

    2. really? thats all you have to say? if i had done what you claim i would be shouting it from the rooftops...ok maybe not shouting from the rooftops but close to it!!

  6. Cannabis kills cancer. Cannabis is medicine. If it isn't then why are big pharm companies and our government getting patents on medical cannabis? In some cases as a cancer treatment? Want proof: Start here:
    And here:
    http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/6630507/fulltext.html (this one is owned by our US government)

    And here from cancer.gov:

    Do your own research. Keep going. Of course the government and the big pharmaceutical industry doesn't want us to know about natural treatments for cancer we can grow in our own backyards. Why would they when they are making money hand over fists letting people die?

  7. but I'd eat the living crap out of a shark burger.

  8. i read something that said nixon spent 20 million back in 1974 on a crusade to prove that Smoking cannabis caused lung cancer...through the studies at the university that was studying this plant...they failed after all the tests were done..after all the money was spent testing...they failed to prove that this plant caused cancer..infact..according to the results of the test...the plant Cannabis...in the test subjects which i believe was 10000 or so...with direct regular use caused lung cancer and cancer cells in general to die...unfortunately when normal cells turn into cancer cells..they forget how die and become what are refered to as "IMMORTAL" cells...this is the main issue with cancer because they multiply so fast and all forget how to die..and forget what there job was before becoming cancerous...Cannabis reminds them its time to die..and this causes quite a few cases in the study to recind and destroy the cancers that were found in the test group. These results were quickly hidden as this plant was shown to cause cancer to die or go away as the cells die off....So sad we have so many natural gifts from god..and yet we allow those in power to control our will to live and die..

  9. I was able to get knowledgeable when i watched the documentary. It was very surprising on how many treatments are able to defined for curing the cancer diseases. By the way, this alternative treatments to cancer clinic is also good regarding to this diseases.

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