Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boycott GMO's - We need healthy food!

They sell us health insurance instead of healthy food -

They modify crops that destroy food chains.

What do you do?


Search out petitions. Start petitions. Make them label. Or BAN them.

Recent News:
Vermont passes GMO labeling bill
May 25th everywhere the March against monsanto
Peru Bans all GMO
Join the right to know in your area
Entire countries are banning GMO
Gmo Foods are an experiment on nature
Help save our monarchs - ban GMO
Study finds long term effects are terminal
GMO myths and facts

Here are some of the current petitions to BAN GMO's


U.S. GMO Foods Petition | National Health Federation


Bring Mandatory GMO Labeling To Canada

Death of the BeesGenetically Modified Crops and - Global Research

Check out the video on this story or the study link is above:

We can't include all the links but if you have something important related to this topic please comment so we can add it if it's suitable. Thanks! 

Ban GMOs, top Indian scientist urges government

Aeolus at The Eden Project - Acustic Wind Pavilion

This is nature mixed with engineering. Mental. Earth groaning anyone?

The worlds most amazing mechanical engineering

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