Thursday, February 28, 2013

Going Viral: Beach Dance Man

I thought this was going to be dumb at first. But then I saw there is much to be learned about this man. Over 250000 shares of this video on facebook - This is how more people should feel. So full of confidence that they don't care about what anyone else thinks. They do what they love and love what they do. A viral success. 1 moment of wreckless abandonment and his spirit is forever captured in this video. Inspiring.


Please NOTE* these are just 2 testimonials from people that claim they have done this several times and passed. If you are watching you are either curious or have a drugs test to pass. We don't recommend you take this advice as set in stone evidence. It's just information. Take away what you wish.

If you check with some other stories on the net you will find this advice to be the most sound. There are many myths so be careful! View our other post:

How to Pass a Drug Test - Marijuana

Another Tip:

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