Tuesday, January 8, 2013

America - Gun Control - India - Rape

Do you know that every time the media is bashing a story in your face there is something bigger going on they are trying to destract you from? 

In AMERICA right now it's "gun control" and in INDIA is "rape" 

For the last couple weeks I have heard nothing but this topic from that country. 

MEANWHILE, in their own countries.  American tax payers are spending over 51 million dollars per hour to incarcerate drug users.(sick people) America also has over 600,000 homeless people.  Not to mention deforestation, pollution, war, big medicine companies feeding unsafe drugs,  the fiscal cliff, your new taxes, the rights you just lost, Indefinite detention with no trial, wire tapping, internet monitoring... etc... And then there is India, and they have over 78 MILLION homeless people. India has a work force of 450 million, in which, 90 percent haven’t completed  education because over 500,000 don’t have schools that can provide education above Class VII. Not to mention the deforestation, extinction of animals, weapons trade with russia, pollution, population growth... etc...

I'll just come right out and say this. Money is the problem you should all be focused on. Money is why all this war, poverty, and class warfare exists. They divide and conquer you. But only what you allow will continue.

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