Friday, January 18, 2013

Google Adsense vs. Chitika

I am going to keep this really simple:

Apply to be a Chitika Publisher!Chitika can be used in combination with Adsense. They determine their ad content by what was recently searched by your in your search engine. Unlike Adsense which determines ads with user usage statistics. Chitika is very basic and can increase your traffic revenue by 10 to 30%. -  If you are accepted. You are welcome!
Adsense has NO referral program, where Chitika does. Chitika also has apps like "linx" which automatically finds words in your blog in creates links for CPC payments.


  1. Chitika is good when most of your traffics are from SE.

    AdSense sucks for now 'cause they ban people for no reason.

  2. I also think Chitika is best option so far, thanks for the info!


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