Sunday, January 13, 2013

What the BLEEP do we know (Documentary)

A documentary on quantum physics and other weird science that has us re-thinking everything we know about the universe.


  1. I discovered What the Bleep when it first came out in the early 2000's and it has become my "bible." Buy a copy 'cause you'll want to see it over and over and over again.

    Some of the scientists have also got their own dvd's out now too. Check this out. Quantum Physic's ROCKS.!!!!

  2. One of the best documentaries ever!

  3. I still am having a hard time with some of this. For instance, the "kicking the rock" example. In my mind, the person who kicked the rock and feels the pain and the blood seeping out knows it is really happening but also the people that are around him can see the blood. The people that pass by the bloody rock after the man is long gone can see the blood on the rock. The doctor in the emergency room who stitches the wound up sees the blood and physical wound the rock has caused.

    So how can it only be real to the man who kicked the rock?

    1. Plato told us not to trust our senses via the cave allegory. That is how it can only be real to the man. He collapsed the wave function into making his version of reality, so while it is real to him, it is only a shadow cast from his reality that leaves an impression in this emptiness that others percieve. That is how powerful our minds are.

    2. Because only he felt the pain. It's like saying someone had a mild stroke you didnt have it so how can you make a judgement and really know anything about what someone else sees or feels.

    3. What if someone you know is having a great deal of sadness in a point in his/her life, and this one person causes you to also feel their sadness. Would that person only be casting a shadow on some else's reality then?


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