Monday, January 28, 2013

What is the number 1 priority for earth?

It's all about priorities.

If you could establish the number 1 priority, what would it be and why?

Please answer here or facebook.

This is why nothing gets fixed easily. The world DOES NOT SET PRIORITIES.


  1. We could have a legally backed independant panel that oversea what the big media company's say to the world of people. Who only want truth, people have stopped connecting news with truth, which can only create wide spread confusion, which will lead to anger and we all know that anger can rather do something good and great or it can be impulsive and ignorant(knowing or unknowingly). This is the fundimentle change that would transform the world for the better. Anything can be done when we can communicate in a clear and truthful way, mistakes can be picked up quickly, trust can thrive.

    In the UK right now the Levison Enquiry has pushed for this after a huge investigation into the big media companies. But the government is resisting it... Why would they do that, I wonder?

  2. Offsetting our fossil addictions by embracing our renewable resources. Bio-plastics verse petrol-plastics, bio-fuels verse petrol-fuels, hemp verse trees... But, there is incarceration & economical devastation to accomplish!!! Go US Congress Go!!!

  3. Help the position of the stray animals..

  4. The environment is the number 1 priority. I know this is a huge array of topics but it is all that matters. Without it we die. Clean water, clean air, clean earth. I agree with the person a couple comments up the most immediate help would be done by getting away from petrol products...including but not limited too oil, fossil fuels, and plastics. I don't think the average person realizes how quickly this is causing, if not extinction, at least a degradation of quality of life for us and our fellow earth inhabitants.


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