Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bodyshock - The Girl With X-Ray Eyes 1 of 4

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  1. The skeptics didn't want to believe her so they were not able to give her a fair test, what they saw was what they expected to see. Their conformation bias blinded them. Failing one test designed to be failed is no failure really. Believe and see or doubt and not see, it's always been this way! If you believe in magic, you live in a magic land. It was a waste of time going to them anyway, she has important work to do healing people back home. I believe her. The test wasn't scientific. A hit job!

  2. totally agree Irwell Pete ( im guessing its Pete but you never know). The test conditions were completely different to how they were in her home when she was proven by doctors diagnosis to be true. The western doctors dont want to even start to believe them because they have no sense of true (gifted) ability and if they believed every person with a true gift then there wouldn't be a need for the extortionately priced medicines and super hospitals and money money money

  3. well you can see even the title is wrong. Of course everyone wants to hear about X-ray vision. What if she can just sense people, or read their body language and so. You must remember that oriental medicine was based on reading a single part of a body, could be face, tongue, feet... there are many. It is believed every part of their body is a representation of the whole. Unconsciously people could be giving this signs away without them knowing it. But then they blind the people. OF course people behave differently when they know they are not aware they are being looked at. The tests was done wrong in the first place. Now I'm not claiming I do believe or not, there could be very well scientific arguments and explanations about a phenomena. But X-ray vision as the title says... Eyes can't reach that spectrum no matter what you do to them unless you reach radioactive levels. A fair study would test what is really what she can do and see and understand it better.

  4. I wish her the greatest success in all she endeavors. May angels and saints be with you and may all the skeptics find themselves in astonishment at what you can accomplish!


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