Sunday, February 10, 2013

The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER...

This is something you really need to bookmark / share / watch all the time. Genius.


  1. Now there's an example to follow!
    For anyone!
    Me too!

  2. Finally someone spoked the truth

  3. america never was the greatest country in the country ever was or will be. dont mistake tv or hollywood for reality or honesty.honesty might be something a little more like this; we are a pretty fucked up species doing our best to trash a pretty amazing planet and trampling our fellow humans,plants and animals in the process. hopefully i am wrong

  4. america never was the greatest country in the country ever was or will be. dont mistake tv or hollywood for reality or honesty.honesty might be something a little more like this; we are a pretty fucked up species doing our best to trash a pretty amazing planet and trampling our fellow humans,plants and animals in the process. hopefully i am wrong

    1. Yes Rohan,you are wrong. None of the other countries mentioned in this video got where they are without the U.S. That is a fact. Our people instead of pulling together to make things right....listen to those like Rohan. We have allowed elected politicians to abuse us. Most of us are so fuckin stupid that we sell our souls to live off of someone else's hard work. And I do not speak of the rich. I have worked 2 and 3 jobs for yrs. on end just to provide for my family. If you will not do the same.....why should I
      care for you or yours? If You cannot live the life givin you stop wasting time and die. Survival of the fittest. NATURE. Rohan loves nature and the world of,but denies it at every turn.

    2. " None of the other countries mentioned in this video got where they are without the U.S."
      You're an idiot. Please explain to me how it is that My country, Australia, Is a result of the US? What exactly has your country done to " get us where we are? " because frankly, if you ask me, the US has done nothing but cause problems. One of the biggest being the fact that most of its citizens live with their heads wedged firmly up their rectums and we, as the the rest of the world, has had to endure their egos. I eagerly await your reply.

    3. well said dragon days! this "peeode" guy is clearly a shinning example of a failed education system, dominated by propaganda. now please sir can you tell me how you got canada where we are? i understand it may not be completely your fault you are so ignorant so i invite you to do some research.

      If only closed minds came with closed mouths

    4. Peeode..You are stupid..enough said.

    5. America is the greatest because I say it is. Period. If you don't feel the same way about your home YOU are the cause of the problems on this planet. Respect for self cannot exist without respect for all. Who two shits where we were 60 years ago? It doesn't matter. This is where we are now and I can take it from here if you're not interested in moving on with the world.

    6. I am going to have to disagree with Peeode too.

      I can't recall all the countries listed, but I will rattle off the couple that stand out.

      Lets start with America. America as a nation wouldn't exist today without the United Kingdom. Sure you guys fought for independence from the British throne all those years ago, and have grown into the country you are today. But don't forget for one second that the British Empire is the only Empire in Earth's history to unify so much of the Earth under a single unifying system. Ever single continent (with the exception of Antarctica) has had or still has nations that are part of the British Commonwealth.

      England as a nation would not be where they are today without the French kingdom. William the Conqueror, who I believe (and happy to be corrected) was the start of the current royal family tree that still sits on the British throne. William was the Duke of Normandy, and a vassal to the French king at the time. Sure the French king was barely able to control his own court let alone Paris and the rest of the country at the time, but the England we know today, grew from French ideals.

      My beloved Australia. I am more than happy, in my highly biased opinion, willing to say we are one of the greatest countries in the world. We are still part of the largest empire left on the planet, but have our own autonomy to govern ourselves as we see fit, and didn't have to fight our parent nation for those rights. We have fought for the freedom of other nations on numerous occasions, and have defended our own soil from foreign invasion. We have been honest enough to call for help when we need it, and are one of the first to put our hand up to help when others need it. We respect those we have fought against, and even more importantly are respected both those we have fought against. Ask the Turks how they feel about the Australian soldiers who fought on Turkish soil in WWI. Ask the Vietnamese how they feel about Australians after our involvemnt at "NAM". We are one of the few economies to come out of the global financial crisis with minimal impact, and yet we are forced to pay extremely overpriced prices on anything that isn't made in our country (talk to any gamer about buying games at double the price of the rest of the world, especially for digital downloads). We promote freedom and tolerance of all races and religions, but will admit that there is always room for improvement in both areas.

      I apologise if this took the tone of America bashing, or even promoting my own nation too much. It is hard for anyone not to display an impassioned response to a video like we have just watch, and comments we have just read.

      There is no "Greatest Nation" on earth, because I am sure that we can get someone from the UK on here to sprout what makes their country the best, we can have a Russian do the same, I am sure that we could find what ever country we all feel is the worst in the world, and find citizens of that nation that will defend it passionately until there is no one willing to listen any more.

      Honestly, I would love to see a similar video done for "Why is the Human Race the best species on Earth?" because, I think that could spark just as much "Honesty and Truthfulness" that would shock a lot of people. /rant :D

    7. I am an American and I totally agree with you Adam. I believe America isn't the greatest country because if we were, we wouldn't have our own government trying to create problems in our lives so we spend money on unnecessary things, especially the foods we eat. Problems create profits and that's sadly all this country cares about. I would really want to take a stand for the brainwashing and bring people to the light and to start a movement. But knowing our government anyone who even dares to try would be sniped out without a care, and that's the greatest country for you. Pathetic. I know no one or nothing can be perfect but we sure as hell aren't working toward it.

      If you think in terms of reality, what is government and what are countries? They are nothing. They are something that is put into our heads that is a "higher power" but in reality they're nothing but people just like you and I. We must not revolt against them, we must out-think them and use our intelligence intelligently, create a cure for this disease of greed that this world has. If you think about Normality, is it normal to wish cancer and illness on "your own, so-called People," in order to create profits and live your life right for something that is nothing just an illusion we all live on? That's not normal and we are a big disease to this world and I believe we can be a hell of a lot smarter and grow into healing this world that has given us the opportunity of life.

      No one seems to understand that we are apart of this Earth and we are all one species. They like to fill our heads that we aren't the same & we are able to plunder the earth for all resources without regard for the fact that what happens to the Earth, is what happens to us. I believe we need to take a stand an come together as people of this earth, not of these "countries." I can't see the world going in a downward spiral in the future, I see it prospering and people getting fed up of this brainwashing that the people in the past have been fed. That's just my two cents..


  6. this still is the greatest country on earth. this is the land of opportunity. it is not as easy as it used to be. the current giant government and financial demands make it difficult to get started. it still can happen. the government is the biggest obstacle to prosperity. some day they will realize that our entitlement society and dependence on government creates poverty.

    1. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? At 19, I was drowning in middle class mendacity. A suicidal teenager who saw no hope. My family was POOR, no heatlh care, no chance for higher education, The list is long and painful...I ran away...I ran to CANADA...I heard they took care of their people. I arrived in Toronto 43 years ago...NEVER looked back. I got FREE health care. Got a job working at a prestigious Science Museum for 15 years, then went to school to become an RN...because education in SUBSIDISED in Canada. WOOOHOOO!!! I could go on and on...but what would be the point?

    2. OH... BTW... in case you did not realize was the USA I ran away from. Good luck with you delusion. AS Oliver Cromwell said, '' I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible that you may be mistaken''.
      I think Nazi Germany thought they were pretty great too.

    3. To Mike Mick. You are precisley why America is NOT the greatest country on earth. ALL countries have there good and bad points. Some have more freedom than others some provide better care for their citezens than others but ALL are valid and legitimate. Until idiotic Americans like yourself get their stupid heads far enough out of their ignorant arses and actually notice that you are just one of HUNDREDS of countries on this planet America will not progress. You speak of freedom and yet you detain people without charge and have the worlds largest prison population. You speak of democracy and yet you have interfered in the buisness of over 100 sovereign countries since WWII. You have had 2, I repeat 2 elections that failed and yet you still allowed the man to be president. You speak of human rights and yet you are the only first world country that starts wars, has the death penalty and actually promotes torture as a legitimate form of questioning. You speak of liberty and justice for all and yet you incacerate on the basis of ethnicity, do not look after your poor and have no health care to speak of. You say that America is 'the land of opportunity' and yet to even consider running for president you need a minimum of $6000000. In my country all you need is a good idea. You say you value human life and yet you measure the value of that life by how big their bank accounts are. Are you starting to understand why the rest of the world sees you as a bunch of ignorant redneck school yard bullies.
      Oh, and in summary here are just a few countries that are 'better than America'.
      Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweeden, Italy, Austria, South Korea, Japan.... I could go on but hopefully some of this is actually making through all the propaganda they have spewed into your unquestioning brain.
      And so Rome fell.....

    4. For the record...

      The country you speak of -- that aggressively invades countries / allows indefinite detention of its own citizens / rigs elections / imprisons hordes of people for victimless crimes etc -- that is not America.

      That is the military-industrial complex, controlled by multi-national corporations and banks (primarily of European origin), that has HIJACKED the American government and brainwashed the majority of its citizenry after decades of propaganda dissemination by its media & education arms so it supports said complex.

      The Constitution is America. It was the crowning achievement of thousands of years of strife of individuals against authorities, of civil liberties over forced subordination. It represents the notion that we are all born with essential ("God-given", if you like) rights that we are fully ENTITLED to, meaning not PRIVILEGED by any authority.

      So, technically, the Constitution and America belong to all the liberty-minded people in the world before and after their creation.

      The seeds of this victory of the citizen over the ruler began over 2,000 years ago, its notions of giving every man control over his own life having been uttered first by Lao Tzu in China in 6th century BC, then by great thinkers from every continent for the next two millenia, reaching a tipping point following the French Revolution, and given veritable life for the first time ever in the newly-created nation of the United States of America.

      This liberation created shockwaves throughout the entire Western world that resulted in the triumph of individual liberties over authoritarian controllers in nearly every major first world country in the 18th & 19th centuries.

      The authoritarians never rested, however - right from the start there were those trying to wrestle back control from the people.

      The beginning of America's wane truly began in 1913 with the creation of the multi-national private entity called the Federal Reserve. Its owners funded both sides of World Wars I & II, created the stock market crash of 1929, and achieved controlling interest of nearly every facet of industry, government, and media.

      Almost every President since 1913 has been complicit in the scheme, Kennedy being the last truly American President. He threatened to shut down both the extra-judicial CIA and the Federal Reserve. He was the last to attempt to do so for either entity.

      So, my point is we're all connected, we all stand on our predecessors' shoulders, and America became an experiment in notions of individual liberty dreamed up by people of every nationality for thousands of years.

      So, in a way, when viewed as the first shining example of this concept, yes, America is the greatest country on Earth. There's no denying, in its prime, it transformed the entire world for the better.

      Then an insidious infestation of plutocrats invaded and took over. In my opinion, this is when America ceased being America.

      I don't know what the fuck it's called now but I want America back.

  7. what show was that scene from?

  8. This is false propaganda. There shouldnt even be what we call today COUNTRY because we are all the same - human beings that live upon the planet called Earth. So why do we need countries again? To wage wars, to hate our neighbour country, to blindly fight against the other countries in the name of saving their people, to create endless conflict in the name of PEACE?

  9. I get a little hard every time i watch this.

  10. This is staged! No one in the audience objected to the bullshit.

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