Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tripping on Hallucinogenic Frogs

Tripping on a frog.  Trippy.  I've heard you can lick the back of a certain type of toad or frog and trip like you are on mushrooms!  Guess it's true.


  1. look up Colorado River Toad. and the Cappi roots.-Friendlyfrikid

  2. He looks like he just survived the Holocaust... you have to be pretty stupid to purposely poison yourself on a daily basis.

  3. @ KayAyJay: please show us that you're not stupid yourself by defining "poison" and please refrain from stupid holocaust comments, thank you.

  4. This guy doesn't know at what he is doing. Mixing drugs with ayahuasca can be lethal. What a moron.

  5. old and these frog is not halluzinogen but more dissoziativ

  6. this guy is an idiot. He is abusing medicines just so he can trip and see how fucked up he is. These are ancient, and traditional spiritual substances not meant to be given to hippy gringos that just want to get fucked up. And you dont mix a real medicine with a drug like Ritalin. Get a fucking life. All he talks about is "what's next" because he wants to try more drugs. Dude is an addict, you can see withing the first frame of his appearance that he is an addict.


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