Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sinkholes around the World

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Here is a massive sinkhole from 2 years ago in Guatamala.

And this is a more recent event:

Since August 2012, a giant sinkhole belching oil and gas has been growing in Assumption Parish, Louisiana. Over 350 people have since been ordered to leave their homes. On August 21 2013, a further collapse at the edge of the hole caused a clump of trees to vanish in seconds.

Below: Giant Sinkhole Swallows Vacation Villa, Florida

A huge sinkhole caused a villa at a Central Florida resort to partially collapse, and another section of it to start sinking. The building was evacuated early Monday morning. (Aug. 12)

Published on Jan 30, 2013
Two buildings in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou vanished into a sinkhole on Monday. China's state television reports no one was hurt in the collapse, but 300 local residents had to be evacuated. (Jan. 30)

Giant Sinkhole in Ohio Swallows Car, Driver Trapped Inside

Published on Jul 4, 2013

Pamela Knox's car fell at least 10 feet when sinkhole opened an Ohio street.

200 Foot Sinkhole Still Expanding In Kansas - VIDEO 

Published on Feb 21, 2013

Published on Apr 18, 2013
A sinkhole on Chicago's Southeast Side swallowed three cars early Thursday morning and sent one person to the hospital.

A sinkhole swallowed three cars on Chicago's Southeast Side, WGN-TV reported early Thursday morning.

One person was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in serious-to-critical condition, the Chicago Fire Department told the news station.

According to a report by the Chicago Tribune, the fire department responded around 5:30 a.m., and two cars were already inside the hole. A third one reportedly slid into it after crews arrived.

Do these things happen all the time and the internet lets us see them or are things getting bad? You decide.


  1. This is the result of humans taking continuously from the earth. Oil,Water, Gas and minerals are where they are for a reason. What happens when u remove a billion or barrels of oil from between two layers of rock and earth?-the above is what happens. Its not rocket science. Just stupid human animals that deserve extinction on a moral basis.

    1. You're absolutely right, Neil!

  2. lmfao you use that oil. stupid human animal

    1. I guess Neil is better than the rest of us, Kevin...

    2. yeah he uses that oil because its not legal to produce oil from more reliable sources (ie. hemp)because stupid human animals make ppl like you believe they are in power and control you into thinking you need this oil, and are just destroying the earth from underneath us, most of you blind to what is happpening

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Neil, very pertinent, a lot of study that have made in the process of analysing(I'm a biochemist) and the other's one that have read, confirm you logical theory.

  4. Aliens... Dont be stupid people! The goddamn aliens are here to take us home~ Tom Cruise

  5. remember the film 2012?? they just got the year wrong...clues to what is happening to us as a human race is all around etc.and tom cruise is a bloody alien..Scientology ha..barrack obama ( black president) like in 2012..the pieces are fitting together after seeing them holes open up in USA and start to swallow everything in their path..just like obama..swallowing up countries with OIL or swallowing countries who have easy and cheap accessibility in gaining oil (syria) USA cant pump what they are near out of!! so raid other countries..while theirs dies out and gets destroyed by these holes

  6. The Large Hadron Colliders are causing small black holes in their study of sub-atomic particles. A Mayan Historian warned of this in December of 202 and it appears he was on to something.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. And We caused the earth to swallow him and his home. And there was for him no company to aid him other than Allah , nor was he of those who [could] defend themselves.

    [Quran 28:81]

  9. I live in FL, I would argue that this is what we get when we remove trees, and suck all the water out of the ground. We won't learn our lesson until a sink hole appears under Capitol Hill.

  10. Since we are all humans the only way to end(?) this, is stop producing more humans.

  11. Change your life. We dont need oil. Are we juzt lazy and dont care what happens?


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