Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scientist implanted with RFID Chip gets computer virus

As singularity approaches, some things need to have an eye kept on them. This is important people. RFID chips are a reality. Almost ever animal and bird on the planet has a chip or tag.


  1. See how it see "as man and machine merge..." This insanity is called Transhumanism. It should not be mandatory!!

    1. shut the fuck up. seriously do you even understand transhumanism? let alone the fact we're already there you stupid asshat. just because it isn't fused with your body doesn't mean it's not there. look at smartphones or how computers are in almost literally everything that has any electrical capabilities. the mere fact you call it insane yet get on a computer type device to talk about this shows how insane your poorly thought around narrow banded spectrum of thought seriously is.

      why not learn about shit before commenting pretending you something?

      this fucker got a self replicating worm virus which i'm pretty sure you have no clue what the fuck that is

    2. Grrrrr...soo anrgy.

    3. Ggrrrrr don't get angry because I had a typo please lol

  2. Dang Anonymous!! angry????? didn't think so.

  3. in march ?!? no thank you im not on meds and have nearly no medical history i dont like hospitals and im not interested in any sort of verichip even if that means i cant recieve medical care
    i think the reading of revealations was fitting

  4. If humans were meant to be chipped then we wouldn't need minor surgery to put them there. Not everyone wants to go borg you asshat.


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