Thursday, February 28, 2013

Going Viral: Beach Dance Man

I thought this was going to be dumb at first. But then I saw there is much to be learned about this man. Over 250000 shares of this video on facebook - This is how more people should feel. So full of confidence that they don't care about what anyone else thinks. They do what they love and love what they do. A viral success. 1 moment of wreckless abandonment and his spirit is forever captured in this video. Inspiring.


Please NOTE* these are just 2 testimonials from people that claim they have done this several times and passed. If you are watching you are either curious or have a drugs test to pass. We don't recommend you take this advice as set in stone evidence. It's just information. Take away what you wish.

If you check with some other stories on the net you will find this advice to be the most sound. There are many myths so be careful! View our other post:

How to Pass a Drug Test - Marijuana

Another Tip:

how to pass your piss test for weed every single time (video)

The man that murdered a tree

How to Pass a Drug Test - Marijuana

Some tips for the 420 guys - We are going to update this list with all the videos and info we can find on natural detox.

Updated* New video confirms cranberry and exercise method:
Previous Post From Us:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boycott GMO's - We need healthy food!

They sell us health insurance instead of healthy food -

They modify crops that destroy food chains.

What do you do?


Search out petitions. Start petitions. Make them label. Or BAN them.

Recent News:
Vermont passes GMO labeling bill
May 25th everywhere the March against monsanto
Peru Bans all GMO
Join the right to know in your area
Entire countries are banning GMO
Gmo Foods are an experiment on nature
Help save our monarchs - ban GMO
Study finds long term effects are terminal
GMO myths and facts

Here are some of the current petitions to BAN GMO's


U.S. GMO Foods Petition | National Health Federation


Bring Mandatory GMO Labeling To Canada

Death of the BeesGenetically Modified Crops and - Global Research

Check out the video on this story or the study link is above:

We can't include all the links but if you have something important related to this topic please comment so we can add it if it's suitable. Thanks! 

Ban GMOs, top Indian scientist urges government

Aeolus at The Eden Project - Acustic Wind Pavilion

This is nature mixed with engineering. Mental. Earth groaning anyone?

The worlds most amazing mechanical engineering

The Singing, Ringing Tree


A stunning look at the moon in color. Also some theories that there might be a lot more going on on the moon we know nothing about...

Super Foods for Diabetics

Here is a video with TOP foods for Diabetics!

If you like natural cures 
check out a couple of our last posts!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

The benefits of Ginger are HUGE

Here is just a little bit of what this Super-Food can do!

When used in a Tea:
-Impedes motion sickness.
-Combats stomach discomfort.
-Reduces inflammation.
-Fights common respiratory problems.
-Encourages normal blood circulation.
-Remedies menstrual discomfort.
-Strengthens immunity.
-Relieves Stress.

Happy!? But want to learn how to make it? Check out the video:

If you like natural remedies check out a couple of our past posts this week:

We think nature provides everything we need to stay healthy!

Watch a Chinese Official Freak Out at an Airport - China Uncensored

Anonymous makes homeless man cry

Bodyshock - The Girl With X-Ray Eyes 1 of 4

Part 2

Part 3:

Part 4:

5 Foods To NEVER Eat

If you want to lose weight it's actually really simple.

Exercise is top priority. 

Food is 2nd.

If you eat the right foods you will have natural weight loss

It's not rocket science. Now that stuff is complicated.

Healthy eating isn't hard or expensive. But - getting sick is.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Plastic That Can Repair Itself

Stanford chemical engineering Professor Zhenan Bao and her team have succeeded in making the first material that can both sense subtle pressure and heal itself when torn or cut. Their findings were published Nov. 11 in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.

The "plastic skin" has a wide range of potential uses for mobile phones, battlefield armor and weapons, but that it won’t be ready for market for a bit. Funding from the U.S. Department of Defense helped to fund research on the plastic skin.

Here is one example of an earlier model:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Las Vegas Woman Arrested For Having Sex With Pitbull

A Las Vegas woman was reported to have been arrested Tuesday after authorities caught her having sex with a pit bull in the back yard of her home.

 - source: LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -

Read the full story if you really must :

The Past, Present and Future of Internet Censorship

TERRIFYING Bug-Sized LETHAL Drones Developed By U.S. Air Force

TSA Searches 3 Year Old In Wheelchair

Yerp. Mind blown.

Page Arizona Landslide

Page - Arizona has been cut off from points going south by a large, 150-foot-long crack in Highway 89 that occurred Feb 21st 2013 about 25 miles south of Page. It's unknown when the road might be repaired. The road has split in a few places, and is divided by up to 5 feet deep in one area.

Guns don't kill people

LiveLeak - Russian Drugged Up On Spices

Hey kids! - Don't take drugs mmmkay.

This is what happens...

‘Rolling Gun Battle’ on Las Vegas Strip; Three Killed

Another day and another deadly shootout in America - this time - The Las Vegas Strip

3 reported to have died and 3 others are in hospital - story still developing...

Powerful explosion in India's Hyderabad leaves 15 dead

3 separate bombs have gone off in india... breaking news still unfolding. Stay safe.

Where have the Rothschilds disappeared to?

Its Official Obama Impeachment Starts Here

Slavery By Consent ( Full Version)

"Every War in past 50 Years a Result of Media Lies" - Julian Assange

U S Demands to Assassinate Assange

Woah -

How It Feels [through Glass]

Google glasses are coming soon to replace our mobile phones!


Live stream by Ustream

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Epic video: Giant grizzly bears brawl it out!

The Kodiak Grizzly is one of the largest land carnivores living today.  They have no natural enemies in their habitat and these apex predators has been known to grow to over 12 feet tall and weigh 1,500 pounds.  A single slap from one of these monsters means decapitation!  This is a true battle of the titans.

Clip credit: "Grizzly Man"

Mount Etna Volcanic Eruption (video)

Sicily - Volcanic eruption - Note* nothing to worry about - this volcano is highly active - however - there have been a flare up of seismic activity around the world - perhaps related to recent astrological events.

CAVE2™ Hybrid Reality Environment Documentary

This is starting to break out. Cave2 - The hybrid reality environment. This amazing piece of future technology is allowing teaching and learning to be completely rethought. This 3d surround screen can show students and teachers alike a whole new way to explore the universe. We are very pleased to see this type of educational upgrade. We hope you show your local schools or university the applications of emerging technology. The world has changed.

Transparent Smartphone Prototype by Polytron Hands On Video

Transparent smartphone prototype - future technology - Coming to a mobile phone near you!
Produced by Polytron - (youtube video)

Breaking: Kansas Fire LIVESTREAM

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Kansas City gas explosion, fire: Car hits gas line, sparks explosion on ...

Breaking News: Kansas city - Gas explosion - they say it may be from a car hitting a gas line?
Story still unfolding...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Donate Your Car To A Good Cause

Have you got an old car that is just lying around? 

Well you should know that you could be donating your car to a good cause. This is a fantastic way to raise money. So many Americans have old cars sat around collecting dust that really don't do anyone any good! So... We are going to make a short list of places that you can donate your car to.

If you live in the UK you can try  "giveacar"

Donate your car in California to Kars4kids and they offer a free vacation voucher and tax deduction with your car donation

"donatecarusa" Claims to be fast and easy to give your used car to charity across the USA
 Donors receive the maximum 2013 tax deduction.

So it's great - you can help someone else less fortunate and get a tax rebate.
There are actually too many of these companies to list. But we just thought we would raise a few of them with you so this summer if things are changing you can maybe help someone out :)

Apple, Facebook and Twitter have all been hacked.

There are probably a lot more to come. Many large companies have been hacked in recent weeks, it seems that many of them have one thing in common. Reports say that many of them have visited a compromised web site that relates to information on mobile development.
The site  is called iPhonedevSdk: DO NOT VISIT!
So who is next? Ebay? Insurance companies? Compare the market type websites? We are giving out our information everywhere these days and hacking is at an all time high. Are you protected?

Anyone need some app developers?

haha jk

North Korea threatens South with "final destruction"

Reuters has reported that North Korea threatened South Korea with a quote "final destruction" during a debate at the United Nations Conference on Disarmament today.  

We bring you the news you should be following! 

Be informed. Stay safe.

Here is a link if you want to read more:


A Texas jury has convicted two women of kidnapping a boy when he was 8 months old and hiding him for eight years

We love good news! 

If you want to read more about this story:

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