Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ian Jacklin cures cancer links

Ian is a former Canadian and North American kickboxing champion, and currently an independent film maker. Ian has done extensive research on what really is effective in treating cancer. Presently, he is promoting his newest film which is about alternative ways to heal cancer. Now, he focuses on "fighting" to get the word out on what really works when addressing cancer. 
Visit his main sites at:
And see this interesting short documentary film about Ian's life - "The Jackal" by Joe Mitchell: - a Mini-doc on Ian Jacklin's fighting, acting and film making career.
icurecancer part I - Trailer: part II - Trailer -
Ty Bollinger interview Ian on Robert Scot Bell Show -
Dr. Leonard Coldwell Nmd Phd interviews Ian Jacklin on his current film:
Dr. Judy Seeger interviews Ian on "Cancer Answers TV"

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