Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Radical religions please go home

I cant understand why so many christians are obsessed with the world ending and insist on instilling fear, instead of just accepting responsibility for their actions and trying to make a better world. They just write it off as if there is no hope because some ancient book says so. 9/11 happened just over 10 years ago and we cant verify that story. What makes you think that a book translated 1000 times, written by hundreds of people, from different times is 100% accurate and the be all end all one and only truth? I must not be from earth. This is not my planet. Who are you people? What have you done to yourself? There is a way out. Stop believing everything you hear! Suspect your elders. Ask questions. Think for yourself. You don't need religion to be a good person. You need only to love everyone and follow your dreams. Build your dreams or someone else will recruit you into their "religion" or "work place" to create theirs. It's not just christians, but radical sharia law enforcing muslims are a serious problem too. Basically, do what you want in your own home. But, don't you dare come up to me or anyone I know and tell them the world is ending and they should drink your cool-aid or don't dress like that, no music, no smoking and anything else that restricts my freedoms or well being. Get out of my face and I will stay out of yours. If you insist on creating problems for me or having my freedoms restricted to please your ignorance there will be unrest. But, that is what you want isn't it? You want us to get violent so you can call us godless heathens. Well, we don't need to. We can use dialog to defeat your radical fantasies. It's a shame you can't too, it might have saved countless lives over time and still today.


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  3. It is sad that so called Christians don't grasp at all why Jesus came. Jesus came to end religion. He came to tell people that love conquers all. We are human beings who will never be perfect so quit lying to yourself and to the world acting like you are and just love people. Help people. We were made to help each other. It builds you up on the inside to be apart of something bigger than yourself so just love and help others. Don't judge, just love. People are different, God knows your heart and is the only one who can judge accordingly. It really sucks that people do care so much what other people are thinking about them and what they doing that can't be free to be them, instead choose to live in chains of what they can and can do. God made you the way you are, embrace you, love you, you are diffrent for a reason. He doesn't want you to feel bad or regret, everything we ho through in our lives is to help us grow spiritually and physically in your mind. We all are diffrent parts of the body. We have diffrent jobs to do, just like the organs in your body, are many but one. Take religion out of the equation. Love. God is love, love is jesus, Love conquers all. I pray the scales be removed so truth can be seen and chains be broken, complete freedom, and all the lost will be found in the love of God and Christ.

  4. Whats funny as well is the fact that until 1543 AD early Christians KNEW the Earth was flat and thats how the concept of hell/hades came to be. Even though circa 500 BC ancient tablets already depicted most the planets in orbit around the sun. And if you look back to Sumerian tablets they depict 12 celestial bodies orbiting the sun. (or the god Apsu as they referred) Now why the need for such misinformation? :-)


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