Monday, February 18, 2013

Christopher Dorner Final Shootout Caught on Tape?

As you can see when you watch this video... or hear to be more exact. THOUSANDS of rounds of ammo are heard to be obviously shooting at "innocent until proven guilty" Christopher Dorner. Is this fair? 1 man against all these thugs and no due process? Surely they could have just waited him out. Does anyone know if this man had any weapons? Perhaps an automatic assault weapon? Because if he did - and was shooting at police it's a different story. It's too bad that we only get shown what we are allowed to see. I just hope this kind of stuff doesn't happen anymore. We used to have things called TRIALS. Those sound awesome compared to what is going on now.


  1. Gee a trial would have been awesome if he had surrendered instead of killing people. Do you see anyone shooting? Could those sounds be of shots going off inside the house due to the fire? Don't know - but Next time - why don't you join the police force and put yourself in the line of fire each and every day to protect your community?

    1. what about all the mistakes they did and shot at three different on occasion innocent...this is not the police we want and trust...............

    2. You do realize Christopher Dorner WAS a LAPD officer and did what he did because of the horrible things he saw police getting away with on a daily basis? I'm not saying I condone it, but if anybody knew what it was like to be in their shoes, it was the man who was so fed up with watching his fellow officers do what they do that he snapped. Hmm, makes you wonder why they'd want to silence him.

  2. agreed Nathan....well said!

  3. That is the sound of HIS ammo popping off in the fire.

  4. Patrick what's your experience. Ammo does not "pop off" in "controlled" bursts. Clearly what's being portrayed is fire suppression by law enforcement so that they can maneuver teams into superior positions.

    If we would have burned down an insurgent house in Afghanistan in the method California law enforcement did here, we, as soldiers, would be roasted for it.


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