Monday, February 18, 2013

Meteor Fireball Spotted In Saudi Arabia - Feb 17, 2013

More Meteors reported in Saudi Arabia -


  1. Firstly that "sonic boom" occurs way too soon (sound doesn't travel very fast) for the distant it appears to be, it is also followed by what is clearly gun shots.... oh, it also looks like a jet/missile haha

  2. allahh al-jabbar bullshit

  3. Those people are out of their minds

  4. Yeah this block blow my mind alright...

  5. lol listen to you morons, calling them nuts because they are saying allah akbah or whatever.. when you see a video of something that is scaring the english-speaking recorder and they are saying oh god oh god do you call them fucking nuts? no! if you think their nuts for saying that then you are fucking victim of media induced stereotypes and you are not full conscious in your own thoughts. (IE your not thinking). have fun with that.

    1. i like this guy^ too many people are being brainwashed by the media beleiving everything without question and reason makes you wonder whos really the puppet master

  6. something is not right here , the guy was saying that a meg plane was hit and falling , wich sounds like a syrian person speaking ??? so who's lying ???

  7. that boom wasnt from the fire ball that was a bome going off and gun fire duhh mosly ak47 or m--16's we still do have us solders there so and look what happin in russia that sonic boom happined sooner then it should have and luch it did so why not if that one went boom at any time the world is comeing to an end and we all are going to die sooner then any of you think

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