Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Highly Conscious People Talk About.

What highly conscious people talk about.

From the film My Dinner With Andre.

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  1. Only a person like me that live between New York City and the jungle in Amazon can understand right what this man is saying. Urban life over asphalt, among cement and motors, is not natural and not for humans. But there is no conspirators driven humans to this slavery. If you know about the universal Matrix/DNA formula that Nature uses for organizing matter into systems and how works our free will, you will understand that it is all about natural forces doing their ways. These forces are coming from the system that created us, it is described by Newtonian mechanics, it works like a watche, it is encrypted into our genetics and it made this chaotic biosphere. So, standing inside us and standing as our environment, this ancestor's genetics is being reproduced here, and we are going to be merely pieces of a larger mechanical system. it is everything natural, no ghosts, no aliens abductors, the government will be victim also. People need urgent to know about the Matrix/DNA, it is the opportunity for us, we can change this fate. But, while half of population believes in gods creating life and another half believing in randomness, we have no salvation, as did not have ours unconscious ancestors. Please, take a time and pay attention to what is suggesting to us the virgin nature of the jungle,the witness of life origins, because Nature does not play dices with her creatures, but nothing can do against our free will.


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