Thursday, September 12, 2013

NASA Warp Drive Project - "Speeds" that Could Take a Spacecraft to Alpha...

This is no longer science fiction.

NASA - Status of "Warp Drive"

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  1. Warp Drive is possible! The logic when you use a balloon and with an air inside, our air
    is one of the matter when you start to fill it with air it creates a space inside.Now
    if we relate to the realty that we can built a warp drive, First we need a balloon
    balloon is also a matter , matter are made of molecules , molecules is made of atom,
    atom is made of particles that behave base on their number and type of particles.Now
    like a balloon if they can construct a matter with incredible speed like light that will behave as balloon and expand
    from star where the hole is start to another star where the end of hole is there. The thing is can we manipulate the light whether it is compose of
    particle or a wave?. If so we can do a balloon theory. if we can do that we have created a space inside
    the light that form like a warm hole.Now if we that bridge is establish how about the acceleration?,
    the thing is like the balloon when you filling it with air you have created an acceleration an imaginable
    force. The bridge warm hole will act as guide for the force created by propulsion , That acceleration
    machine will act like a vacuum it will suck all the matter inside the bridge from front to back.


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